I believe that sexiness comes from within, but it's not exactly easy to feel sexy whilst juggling the many roles we play in our busy lives. We tend to forget that we also enjoy feeling beautiful. A boudoir shoot is a perfect opportunity to treat yourself with the love and attention you crave and deserve. I am here to guide you with everything from your outfit, posing, and directing you throughout your session in order to capture your best and most authentic essence. 

Get ready to have fun and feel sexy at one of our sessions. A boudoir session party with us. 

Gift yourself, feel your
best, and look your sexiest

what other 
queens have said:

what other queens have said

Bring what makes you feel most sexy and beautiful! For ideas, check out our boudoir instagram @beyousexyyou

You can never go wrong with bringing extra props! These can include sunglasses, heels, a fur coat, jewelry, flowers and anything else that makes you feel like the boss that you are!

Feel as sexy as you look

"I am so glad I chose you for my boudoir shoot!! From my moment I contacted you about my booking you made me feel so welcomed and comfortable. You gave me feedback with my outfit choices which helped a lot. The day of the shoot was absolutely amazing!! As soon as I stepped into your studio you were super friendly and helped me get comfortable so we could make magic. Not once did I feel pressed for time or rushed, you took both of our visions and made it happen. I cannot wait to see the pictures ❤️"

"Fran!!! Thank you so much for making me feel beautiful and comfortable ❤️ going into the shoot I was nervous but you made me feel right at home, you're so sweet and for any event in my life I'll be taking pictures with you 🙌🏼 I've taken pictures with other photographers but have never felt as comfortable and never loved the end result as much as I did working with you ❤️ Thank you x10000 your talent is unmatched ❤️❤️❤️ I meant it 🤞🏼❤️"

"Fran! Thank you once again for everything! You made me feel so confident and beautiful with my "new body"... like a Diva! 😍 You're the best! 😘 xoxo"

"Francielle is the best, she made me feel comfortable in a setting that is usually outside of my comfort zone! She was patient, fun, and dynamic. I would recommend her for any occasion. Thanks for a great time and for reminding me that I'm beautiful inside and out!"